MONTREAL, QC, May 28, 2021 (Press Release) – Numera today released the latest update of its Herd Immunity Tracker. This report will be published weekly for the remainder of the year. Its purpose is to complement available information on COVID-19 vaccination rates with timely estimates on projected times remaining until 70%+ immunity for all major economies.

Global vaccination rates accelerated further this past week, cutting back the estimated time towards 70%+ immunity by 11% to six months. Despite falling US vaccinations, developed markets as a whole maintained a steady pace of inoculations, owing to strong demand for initial doses in Europe and Canada.

In EMs, a rapid vaccine rollout in China allowed EMs to reduce the projected time towards 70% immunity by four weeks to 7 months. The EM aggregate remains weighed down by India, where production backlogs have resulted in a near 50% decline in the daily pace of vaccinations over the past month.


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