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Dissolving pulp has experienced a strong resurgence in recent years, and with additional capacity being added, it will continue to be a sector in transition. Viscose production, the largest end-use of dissolving pulp, has led this surge in demand aided by innovation and development of a multitude of specialized applications.


Numera offers the most complete coverage of the global Dissolving Pulp sector available. Our reporting and analysis cover the Dissolving Pulp Market itself as well as detailed coverage of the viscose, acetate, and ethers sectors. China in particular has seen sharp growth in the demand for viscose fibers, and consequently dissolving pulp, and our coverage keeps a close eye on the developments there, as well as the complete global situation.

Our coverage includes a series of monthly flash reports, global forecasts, and regularly updated capacity and projects reports for the dissolving pulp, cotton-linter, acetate, and ethers markets.

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