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Cellulose Fibers

Cellulose fibers are the primary inputs for a wide range of products for the forest products sector. In addition to market pulp, we provide coverage of global recovered fiber, woodchip, pellet, log, and pulpwood markets.


Through our association with PPPC, we serve as the industry reference for the global pulp market and its key end-uses. The World 20 and Global 100 are the benchmark reports for the global pulp market, providing a precise take on the supply and demand fundamentals for the sector. Together with our forecast reports, databases, and extensive analyses, we provide a complete picture of this dynamic and pivotal segment of the industry.

Numera offers the full global matrix of shipments of cellulose fibers via our searchable databases and customised monthly flash reports. Further in-depth analysis of these sectors is available through our Custom Research and Macro Analysis functions.

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