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Our data scientists apply a rigorous, scientific approach to your business problems. Implementing advanced analytics and specialized mathematics we can help you with financial engineering, optimization solutions, modelling, and data management. Our mathematical expertise is the key component to setting your company apart.

Financial Engineering
  • Risk Management
  • Option pricing
    • Standard asset classes
    • Real options
  • General numerical optimization
  • Robust optimization
  • Optimal control / dynamic programming
Numerical Analysis
  • Approximate solutions to ODE/PDE
  • Monte Carlo techniques
  • Time series analysis and forecasting
  • Multivariate analysis

General Statistics and Analysis

Numera Analytics has a long history of supporting associations and government agencies through the collection and compilation of data on their behalf. We offer customized solutions that include database development and management, report generation, forecasting, economic and market analysis support, as well as a comprehensive understanding of, and strict adherence to, anti-trust law.

Our data management offerings also include:

  • Seasonal adjustment and trend estimation
  • Temporal disaggregation
  • Outlier detection/correction in large data sets
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