Macroeconomic Reports

Numera’s Macroeconomic practice delivers reports providing up-to-date analysis on the real economy. This high-frequency coverage of both regional and global metrics enables you to analyze the global economy and make more informed business decisions.

G2H Macro Series

The G2H Macro Series is a collection of reports designed to address an important information gap in the market. The reports provide up-to-date information and analysis on the world economy, offering subscribers a comprehensive view of the world business cycles and evolving inflationary pressures. We currently offer three monthly reports:

Industrial Production

Timely statistics on global industrial and manufacturing production, including regional and country breakdowns.  Included in this analysis are key indicators such as manufactured goods, mining output and production of investment goods.

$425 USD per annum plus applicable taxes

Global Manufacturing

In-depth analysis on the global manufacturing sector. Detailed price and production data, alongside a number of structural indicators to disentangle the importance of demand-side pressures and commodity price fluctuations in driving producer price inflation.

$425 USD per annum plus applicable taxes

Global Retail Sales

A monthly take on the health of the global consumer, tracking global retail sales, goods, and core/headline inflation. Our analysis provides estimates of global equilibrium consumption, and the temporary deviations from this stable growth path that generates global inflationary pressures.

$425 USD per annum plus applicable taxes

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