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Focus on the Real Economy

Numera offers a range of macroeconomic research and subscription services. We specialize in economic modelling and forecasting, focusing on industrial activity, consumer goods, intermediate materials and commodities at the global and regional level. We take great pride in the quality and rigour of our analysis, making use of cutting edge quantitative techniques to uncover the key trends guiding the real economy.

Macro Research Advantages

Our forecast models are subject to continuous accuracy tests, to ensure our clients obtain a clear and unbiased view of future economic developments.

As a client of our Macro Research practice, you will gain access to:

  • In-depth monthly commentary and analysis
  • Comprehensive global economic databases
  • 5-year forecast reports
  • Special research features
  • Scenario building
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Whether you're looking for an individual report or require extensive market research and quantitative analysis, we offer you the flexibility to become a client under your terms.

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