Sectoral Analysis

Market Analysis is at the core of what we do. Our economists and market analysts focus on delivering detailed data and research on global commodity markets in a clear and comprehensive format. Our sectoral coverage is divided into 5 key channels:

the 5 key services: Monthly reports - Forecasts - Presentaiton - Database - Support services

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  • Monthly Flash Reports [+]
    • Timely updates on current market conditions
    • Concepts include production, shipments, demand, and inventories
    • Breakdown by region and sub-grade
    • Analysis linking individual sectors with economics and drivers
    • Global, regional, and national reports available
  • Forecasts [+]
    • Platform for internal forecasting and analysis
    • Include Global, North American, and European coverage
    • Clearly outline assumptions for global economy, key drivers and end-use markets
    • Detailed capacity and projects lists
  • Analyst presentations [+]
    • Regularly updated PowerPoint slide-decks provide clients with a detailed visual breakdown of the data
    • Slides can easily be incorporated into clients' presentations
    • Tailored presentations for individual client needs
  • Support Services [+]
    • Analytical and IT support services offer an outsource or supplement to clients' internal business intelligence
    • Additional analysis and background information on statistics
  • Database Access [+]
    • Extensive and user-friendly searchable database
    • Data easily extracted into Excel format
    • Bank of complete and accurate historical data
    • Additional functions allowing users to adjust for seasonality and make short term forecast projections available

Through our association with PPPC, the principal source of information for the global pulp and graphic paper markets, we are able to cover the full spectrum of sectors related to the forest products industry, as well as an expanding portfolio of commodity markets. Contact us to discover the full range of reports currently available.